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Strawberry! Beautiful, flavorous, delicious, healthy, helps to lose weight – if you eat 10 kg per season, you will not fall sick for a year. It’s impossible to refuse from it!

When looking at perfection, it’s hard to make something even more perfect.

But two combined perfections create an ideal. Pavlova dessert was created by Australian confectioners in honour of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and it reminds a snow-white ballet skirt. Light, airy, crispy with a slightly sour taste of strawberry – it’s very delicious. A perfect dessert!

The chefs of Chateau Restaurant added a light touch and complemented the dessert with incredibly tasty sauce. But it’s up to you to judge, our dear guests.

“What you will desire to eat an asparagus with, monsieur?”

The monsieur was a gourmet and answered shortly: “With awe!”

As soon as April comes around, the first asparagus appears. Green, white with very delicate flavour, light, crispy and slightly stimulating.

Asparagus is the only vegetable that should be eaten with hands, according to the rules of etiquette.

Every year we offer different culinary variations of asparagus, where fine, light taste of asparagus could be discovered in the best possible manner:

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