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Italy. Alba

Autumn. Italy. It’s time of black and white truffle. Of course, we had to go, watch and learn.

All hotels in Alba were full and we had to book a room in Barbaresco, in 5 km from the city. After driving for several hours searching for the hotel, we finally found it hidden among vineyards. On the bright side, there was a gorgeous family restaurant nearby. I still remember the taste of veal and salad made of several celery species. Certainly, all the dishes contained truffle. We spent a couple of wonderful evenings in this restaurant enjoying the food and drinking superior Piedmont wine.

In the morning, after walking along the endless rows of vineyard, we went to a truffle festival in Alba. It was easy to find the place of the fair, as crowd proceeded there. You pay EUR 2 of entry fee and enter the kingdom of marvelous odours.

Truffles: white, black, large, huge, and small. There are numerous species and numerous dishes made of them: oil, pasta, rice, cheese, etc. Vendors gladly open their shop windows and show the mushrooms, with photos of search hounds lying nearby. There are a lot of restaurant owners: they watch, pick, compare prices and buy. And the truffles travel all over the world.

A contest for the largest mushroom is also held here.

This season the winning truffle was white, weighing 420 grams. Photographers swarm to engrave the moment in history for newspapers and magazines.

You can touch, smell and buy everything. You cannot contain yourself – you would take everything! A must-buy list includes truffles and a small scale for them, a can of truffle pasta, and cheeses, and rice, and sweets, and…

Because they are waiting for us in Kharkiv! They are expecting to see us with new impressions, dishes, experiences and gifts.

Truffle! We invite you to visit our Chateau Restaurant and looking forward to seeing you here!



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