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France. Normandy

Cancale. Low tide. Cutters and boats stay right on the sand. People in rubber boots walk around and gather... oysters.

Having gathered 2–3 dozens, they slowly put them in the bicycle trunk, where a bottle of white wine is already looking out. That is a dinner of a Frenchman.

There is an oyster farm at the end of a quay. Small tractors drive here as well, collect boxes with oysters and load them on pallets. The pavilions are located nearby, where you may taste oysters for a small price. This temptation is practically irresistible. Having bought a dozen of oysters, sprinkle them with lemon juice and send this delicacy into your mouth. Sitting on the parapet of the dike and enjoying the delicate, inimitable taste of oysters, we throw out seashells in the sea, where seagulls are already waiting for them.

The flow began in 2 hours and everything was put back to its place, cutters and boats were splashing on the water, and the French were already dining at home.

Coming to Cancale, it is impossible not to try oysters, and when you have tried, you will fall in love forever.


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