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France. Normandy

Mont Saint-Michel Island.

At the present time it is an island, but many years ago it was a part of a mainland. Now the island is connected with a mainland with a dike. And as it is common in Normandy: very high tides, during which the island can be reached only by boat, and at low tide you walk on dry.

There is only one street on the island – Grande Rue. Restaurants, souvenir shops and small hotels are on the both sides of it.

I would like to tell about the famous restaurant La Mère Poulard. It has gain fame for its branded omelets, cooked in a stove on a frying pan with a long handle.

When visiting the regional restaurants I always get emotional with the interior and decors: pictures of guests on the walls, copper utensils, charcoal painted pictures, paper tablecloths, but everything is very cute and sincere.

About the omelet. A dish is cooked in a hall. Whites are finely whipped by hand, than yolks are mixed in and it is baked on the opened fire on a small frying pan. Tasty, simply, and gently. It may be ordered with different additives. We ordered with scallops Saint Jacques and smoked salmon. Once again I am convinced that "everything genius is simple", you only have to strictly follow the technology and have a great desire to cook deliciously.

The rest of the dishes also were delicious, made out of the very good products and excellently cooked. Our friends ordered lamb, I always get a tasting piece from someone else's plate, and the lamb was splendid.




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